The SOLEKO POLSKA company is a Polish firm established in 2003 (as a continuation of SOLEKO Marcin Grabiec). Our main activity is to provide a high quality solutions in a renewable energy market.


Our focus is on solar collectors, flat plate and vacuum tube type. We offer them for customers interested in heating water, heating swimming pools and supporting c/h systems. Our products are used as well in private residences, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals.

Currently, we offer also photovoltaic panels with all equipment needed for production of electric energy.

In 2004, the Soleko company became an official distributor of one of the biggest worldwide suppliers of vacuum tube collectors – the Apricus company.

We operate mainly in Poland, but also in the territory of Central and Eastern Europe. After 10 years of operation our company assessed a significant experience and several thousands of satisfied customers.

Main advantage of our company products is their quality. We use mainly European suppliers for our solar collectors and solar sets components.


Thanks to that we can offer a warranty time reaching 10 years, which distinguishes us from many newly opened companies on the market.

For our customers we provide a quality technical counseling in a matter of solar collectors.

Choosing our solutions each customers can be sure that receives products of highest quality with a real 10 years warranty.



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